7 Ways to Beat Monday-Morning Overwhelm


By Marilyn Heywood Paige

Seven Ways to Beat Monday-Morning Overwhelm

Several people said they found my last blog helpful to them, so this is a companion piece to that article. Being unemployed or uncertain about your future in any way can make every day, especially Mondays, feel overwhelming. Here are my seven ways to get through the Monday-morning overwhelm.


Get Out of Bed

Everything looks harder from a prone position. Stand up, feel your strength defy gravity; and raise your eye level. Putting energy into your limbs instantly makes you feel more capable.

Put Something Good In Your Stomach

Whatever is most nutritious, eat that. I won’t cook, so I have a Ka’Chava shake because it’s fast and has a bunch of protein and vitamins in it. It’s easy and portable. No matter what other food nonsense I do all day, at least I had some nutrition early.

Ka"Chava Nutrition Facts

Organize Your Day

What three things can you accomplish today? Even if there are ten things I should do, I prioritize just three and circle them on my whiteboard, which by itself makes me happy because I love having a whiteboard. Once my to-dos are in print, they stop churning around my mind, taking up valuable headspace.


Plan One Fun Thing

Write down one fun thing you will do today and commit to doing it. Beating myself up with all the things I have to do doesn't make me work harder. It just saps my energy, so I plan something fun and make it a priority. Fun for me is the car wash, walking around the lake in my neighborhood, calling a friend to chit-chat, and researching heists.

Do The Worst First

That thing I dread doing or I am most afraid of is where I start my to-dos. It gets the worst over quickly and I feel a sense of accomplishment when it’s done that powers me through the rest of the to-dos.


Do Some Silly

Dance around your office, talk in a foreign accent, wear your favorite hat, scarf, or shoes at your desk, put on every great piece of jewelry you own, or stride to the bathroom using your silliest walk. I break up my thoughts and routine with something fun to remind me I need to chill and not take it all so seriously.

Get Perspective

My challenges feel overwhelming when viewed through the small lens of my circumstances. My mom used to assert, “Hey, you’re not pregnant and living in Iraq.” It was her way of saying that no matter what, things could be worse and there are people living with far greater burdens. Scan a news site and I find ten things I'm thankful I'm not facing.
If the start of the week is hard for you, I get it. I constantly struggle with feeling like I’m not doing enough so the Monday overwhelm can be a lot. Hopefully, with these seven tips, we'll both have better Mondays.

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