Marilyn Heywood Paige

I help companies understand and leverage their brand value in new ways to bring them exponential growth. 

Here are ways you are not understanding and leveraging your brand value: ● You're not getting enough job applicants.● Your revenue is stagnant.● You are not the category leader. ● You think there are more markets available to you, but you can't reach them.
If any of these things ring true for you, we should have a conversation. I can help you see your brand anew and help you clear out the dissonance between where it is and where you know it can be.


Why Should You Hire Me?

Integrated Marketing

I understand how to integrate the marketing channels maximize spend and move the needle. Even better, I know how to collaborate with other departments to use marketing and communications to help you solve business challenges.

Many Industries

I have marketed construction, manufacturing, medical devices, DevOps, financial services, law, commercial landscaping, retail, hotel, restaurant, and many more types of companies. I can bring a breadth of knowledge to inform and invigorate your marketing.

Sales Oriented

Marketing sells a conversation. Sales has that conversation. I support the sales process, working hand-in-glove with the sales team to drive more conversations and conversions. I want to work in a company where sales and marketing are fully integrated.

Many Failures

When it comes to marketing, nothing beats experience. I have failed many times and learned valuable lessons each time. Every failure made me smarter, more agile, and resilient. As a former business owner, I know first-hand how many challenges you are up against in running a business.