Case Studies


Recruitment Strategy for Construction Company

A construction company was continually short of skilled labor. Despite offering great salaries and benefits, the competition for skilled labor was (and still is) extremely tight. I developed a recruitment strategy and plan for the company using market research that increased their applications by 25% within the first 6 months of deployment.


National Reputation for Wedding Planning Company

When you are a local wedding planner looking to attract national clientele, you need a good SEO strategy that includes national media relations. I started an eight-month PR campaign that amassed a dozen placements (and accompanying backlinks) in national outlets, including Newsday, Brides, Bustle, Real Simple, and others. The wedding planner won two awards because of her new visibility and her website authority jumped five points in six months.


Lead Generation for Software Company

A document management company needed to differentiate itself in the marketplace, increase current customers’ spend, and secure new state and school contracts. By initiating target market research, a brand audit, SWOT analysis, and competitor analysis, I identified critical gaps in their communications tactics and pinpointed the messaging that would resonate and persuade their audiences. I built a messaging blueprint and tactical plan which they executed. They landed a large contract with the state in six months.


More Conversations for Management Consulting Company

It’s challenging to market your management consulting firm when your client list and the services you provide for them are confidential. Traditional lead generation does not work with a target audience of C-suite executives. That’s the situation in which this California management consulting firm found itself. I implemented target market research to discover how and with whom their clients initiate discussions about their business challenges and how they go about solving those obstacles. Using the insights gained from these interviews, I constructed a social media strategy that my team of social media specialists executed. The number of conversations the firm started with the target audience tripled within the year.

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Marketing Without Strategy Gets Lower ROI

If your marketing efforts have resulted in lackluster results, it’s likely there was no marketing strategy behind your campaigns. Perhaps you inherited a set of marketing activities with which you simply continued. Maybe you made marketing decisions based on the advice of well-meaning, but singularly-focused vendors. Or, perhaps you just didn’t know how to create a marketing strategy. (Don’t worry, you’re not alone. It’s the most common challenge we see in small to mid-sized businesses.) In any case, your marketing plans can reap more rewards when a marketing strategy is behind them. Read on to learn how to get a marketing strategy powering your marketing efforts.

Great Strategy Requires Meticulous Execution To Succeed

Once we devise an integrated strategy, the daily efforts of writing, publishing, producing, designing, distributing, and analyzing the associated campaigns are where that strategy gets realized. While a good strategy provides a road map to improve your marketing business, you still have to get in the car and drive it from point A to point B every day. Strategy without execution is just a fantasy. And lackluster execution without attention to detail and a standard of excellence reflects poorly on your brand and won’t achieve your goals. Visit our execution pages to learn more about the types of marketing tactics we do.