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How to Get Sales Through LinkedIn

Leverage Your LinkedIn Presence For Lead Generation 

In this two-part workshop, you will learn how to turn your LinkedIn profile and the platform into a lead generation tool so you can nurture leads and close business. I have pulled together intelligence from the experts at LinkedIn, SEO Expert Neil Patel, and dozens of influencers on LinkedIn.If you’ve been to my past webinars on sales processes and content creation for lead generation, you know I emphasize practical and strategic approaches. This will be no different. You will walk away with knowledge of what to do to build your profile into a lead-generation machine. 

In part one, you will learn:

    How to optimize your profile
    How to create a service page (and why you should)
    How to build your subject matter authority
    What & when to post
    How to save time using publishing software
    How to grow your industry network
    How to use AI on LinkedIn
    The pros and cons of using AI on LinkedIn
    How to grow your lead network
    How to get sales leads

In part two, you will implement what you learned.

In the second session, you will make it happen! You'll implement much of what you learned in part one by creating the foundation of your LinkedIn lead generation process. No putting it off till you forget what you learned. No pushing it to another day in the distant future--while worrying that you're not getting enough new leads. In this session, you will:

    Optimize your profile
    Create a service page
    Formulate your content schedule
    Build your top 50 list
    Create your AI persona

This two-part workshop is $179. However,

You Will Get $100 Back If You Complete Both Sessions

I will refund $100 to you when you complete the second session. Yes. Really.

LinkedIn Class

Why would I do this?

I’ve put fifty hours into developing this course. It is cutting-edge information. I'm offering your money back because:● Learning without implementation limits your success.● Your live feedback on what is easy and difficult to implement is helpful to me.● I'm curious what happens when participants have a financial incentive to implement the material.● Will more or fewer people register? ● Will everyone who registers complete the second workshop?

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    Session One: Wednesday, June 5th 1:00 pm to 2:15 pm MT 

  • Session Two: Friday, June 7th 11:00 am to 12:30 pm MT

  • Alternate Session Two: Wednesday, June 12th1:00 pm to 2:30 pm MT

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